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'The Essentials' 15 Piece Makeup Brush Set

'The Essentials' 15 Piece Makeup Brush Set

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The name says it! All your essential makeup brushes are combined into one set!


The Essentials 15 Piece Makeup brush set includes:

1. Luxurious Buffer: The Ultimate dense fibred brush to apply foundation and cream products flawlessly with a streak-free finish.

2. Angled Bronzer/Blush Brush: The perfect brush created to flawlessly apply bronzer and blush with a sleek or soft finish. 

3. Round Powder Brush: A soft brush made to be used for anything from applying powder all over the face, as well as blush, bronzer and contour. 

4. Precise Tapered Undereye Brush: The perfect brush to apply your bake, wipe away your bake, or set the under-eye area with precision. The brush hugs the hard to reach areas of the eye such as the inner corner. 

5. Angled Contour Brush: The must-have for a perfect nose contour, and great to apply cream or liquid contours on the jaw, cheekbone crevasses and forehead. 

6. Contour Blending Brush: The perfect brush to blend out cream or liquid contour.

7. Highkey Blender: This brush is the ultimate fix to a perfect eyeshadow blend.

8. Crease Definer: This is the essential brush to define the crease in the eyes when applying eyeshadow.

9. Concealer Brush: This brush can be used to apply concealer and cut the eye crease.

10. Detail brush: A perfect brush to apply makeup in small areas such as the inner corner and brow bone.

11. Highlighter Brush: This brush is essential for a perfect highlight. It can also be used to deepen the cheekbones with contour.

12. Flat definer: Perfect, Precise, Define. Used to define brows, or even clean up imperfections from eyeliner or lips!

13. Smudge Brush: The perfect size and shape to smudge liner, and add under eye shadow.

14. Tapered Brush: A great brush to define areas of the eye and crease.

15. Tapered Blender: The go-to blending brush for eyeshadow. 

Brush set also includes our Pro Soft Beauty Sponge. 

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